Research Support

What is Seoul’s Administration Research Support?

  • We could assist your research in collecting data and conducting interviews with civil servants or experts involved in universities, Seoul institutes, and  any other Seoul’s administration departments and policies for your convenience.
  • Our aims through this support seek for more people participated in Seoul’s policies making process with their interests and awareness as well as get policy recommendations with different perspectives on the basis of advanced academia.

Eligible Persons

Professors, Research fellows, Graduate school students (M.A. and Ph.D.)


Providing data/materials, Coordinating for interviews with relevant civil servants and experts, Assisting in surveys, etc.

  • Seoul policies are available on the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Solution websites in English . Provided a vast amount of data will be useful for developing researches, including big data, policies descriptions, relevant statistics in several sectors and so on.
  • If you need materials on Seoul’s administration systems and policies or assistance on interviewing civil servants in certain policies, please follow the procedures below. Our team will do the best for helping you in any way.


1. Complete Research Plan
Fill out the official form indicating your research detail which support your study needs such as which areas of Seoul’s policies you focus on, research methodologies, and any other information you need.

2. Screening & Confirmation
The contents on the submitted form will be screened and then we will let you know how far we could help for your research development.

3. Executing support
Relevant assistance will be provided such as open data sources, permission to visit sites, interview, surveys and so forth.

How to Apply

Download, Fill out, and Email the Administration Research & Studies Plan (doc) to directly.

Any Other Inquiries

Administration Research Team, Organization Management, Seoul Metropolitan Government


Seoul’s Administration Research Support Application.docx