Seoul Solution

Seoul Solution shares a great deal of valuable knowledge on urban planning and sustainable development policies of Seoul, and shows global smart cities' trends and contributes building mutual public-private partnerships with all parties including Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG), the Seoul Institute(SI), Seoul Urban Solution Agency(SUSA), associated central governmental bodies and many different international organizations.

서울시 정보, 도시개발 노하우, 민관협력

What is Seoul Solution?

  • Seoul Solution is made of prominent policies implemented by Seoul Metropolitan Government, which has contributed to addressing urban challenges and to progressing to Smart urban city of Seoul accompanying with constructive relationships among the local governments, civil societies the public and private sectors around the world.
  • Seoul Solution not only raises pending  and plausible issues but also suggests Seoul's know-hows to enhance urban solutions for other countries through giving key policies' whole processes from planning to evaluating.
  • Seoul Solution has pivotal functions helping other cities experience breakthough changes and encouraging them to strengthen their own sustainabilities through reciprocally building multiple collaborations with associated parties like international organizations, cities' governments, NGOs, leading enterprises worldwide.

Seoul Solution will do the best to provide an effective platform for sharing  Seoul's experiences as well as decent policy information for improving global citizens' lives.

서울시 정보, 도시개발 노하우, 민관협력



Smart and Sustainable City of Urban Transformation in Seoul
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