‘Co-habitation, Sharing, and Co-existence Lie at the Heart of Seoul’s Housing Policies’ 

Since the devastating Korean War reduced the city to ruins, Seoul has continued to rebuild itself. In the meantime, the capital has also worked tirelessly to supply housing to its rapidly growing population and improve related policies. By 2014, the housing supply rate had reached 103.5% (3.6 million households), but housing issues still persist, such as skyrocketing leases. The Office of Housing Policy strives to supply affordable public housing and redefine its paradigm.

Policies : 1960s~2020s Housing
  • the Housing bond bidding system
  • Multi-family housing legislation
  • Contruction Large-scale residential complex of Nowon
  • Contruction Large-scale residential complex of Mokdong
  • 80 thousands Permanently Rented Housing supply master plan
  • Rental housing promotion master plan
  • Seoul’s Public Lease Housing Policy
  • Yeouido Model Apartments construction (high-rise apartment building)
  • Housing Construction Promotion Act
  • Seoul Housing Policy