Quick and Easy Citizen Response Center: Citizens Complaint and Comprehensive Advice Service (CCPIS)

Date 2017-07-05 Category E-Government Updater ssunha
Seoul Metropolis Government
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Background Information and Product Introduction

+ Introduced to respond more quickly to citizen comments, difficulties and complaints.
+ Online system integrating and managing various service channels : 31 existing complaints and proposal sites, including one-click e-applications, social media center, 120 citizen discomfort observations, Oasis of 10 million imagination,
+ Citizens can use the CCPIS, mobile devices, SNS, phones to request all types of complaint and proposal.
+ If filed before 6PM, simple complaints can be responded in the same day. Content that requires in-depth review will be responded via mobile phone, email, SNS after being handled by the relevant organization department.


• CCPIS - Website
By accessing the official CCPIS website via PC, citizens can apply and check results of complaints and proposals.

• CCPIS - Mobile App
Optimized for mobile access, the CCPIS mobile app can be used to apply and check results of complaints and proposals.



+ Registering complaints/proposals
Complaints and proposal applications, public official corruption reporting, reporting for public interest, applying for help regarding violations of human rights, report violations of public welfare, and all other types of complaint and / or proposal, can be lodged. Depending on the content of the complaints or proposals, responses may come from the responsible Seoul department, affiliated headquarters, and / or 25 districts. Matters outside of Seoul will be transferred to government ministries, other local governments and / or government offices. Complaints and proposals can be made with text, voice, photo, video files attached. Request for direct consultation is also possible.
+ Check results of complaints / proposals
If filed before 6PM, simple complaints can be responded to the same day. Content that requires in-depth review will be responded via mobile phone, email, SNS, after being handled by the relevant organization department. Progress on processing steps for registered complaints, process content, and additional responses can all be easily checked anytime, any place.
+ View example complaints / proposals
Search through examples of responses to various complaints/proposals posted on bulletin boards is possible with the use of specific keywords.
+ View frequently asked questions
Ability to search through bulletin boards using specific keywords for citizens’ frequent inquiries
+ Evaluate satisfaction with responses
Ratings on a score of 1 to 5 can be given to responses. Additional responses can also be requested.
+ Complaint Information Favorites
Upon request, various forms, handbooks, charters and manuals can be provided both on and offline. Processing speed of complaints within the 25 districts of Seoul and other related businesses can be checked in realtime
+ SNS Communication Status
Complaints, questions, proposals and responses submitted to Seoul and Mayor of Seoul can be viewed in realtime

Application Example and Operation Outcome

• High use rate - Total of 37,271 cases (As of July 2014)
• Reduction in complaint processing time
After the launch of the CCPIS, complaint processing time has been reduced by 0.72 days. (3.8days→3.08days)

Seoul City Special Operations Strategy

• Realtime evaluations and incentives applied to complaint handling and response
Realtime monitoring of complaint processing speed of Seoul, affiliated organizations, and 25 districts. Periodic selection and presentation of best departments, outstanding departments, and outstanding employee awards for CCPIS complaint handling departments by evaluating target speed (50%), fidelity (30%), cooperation (10%), special results (10%) This leads to active correspondence with Citizen complaints.
• Increased convenience through SNS reception and response.
+ Integrated complaints, proposals and responses through SNS, allows for easy and convenient realtime complaint management available anytime, any place.
+ In emergency situations, such as disasters and crises, official messages related to current situation, measures and crisis response measures can be sent in batches.

Major Expectations

• Increased life satisfaction due to reduced public complaint processing time.
• Business efficiency and citizen convenience is doubled as a result of integration of the complaints reception channels.

Law Provisions

• Electronic government act
• Civil Petitions Treatment Act
• Seoul City Electronic Window for Civil Petitions Operational Regulations
• Seoul City Message Complaints Handling Regulations