Make and Share Together : Integrated (Website Management System)

Date 2015-06-26 Category E-Government Updater scaadmin
Seoul Metropolitan Government
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Background Information and Product Introduction


• Simultaneous posting on websites classified into 12 areas

+ As department news is added to the relevant fields, it is simultaneously exposed to the Seoul representative websites
+ 12 areas are, > Women, Child Care, Children and Youth > Welfare, Elderly, Disabled > Health, Food Hygiene > Economy, Jobs > Traffic > Environment, Parks, Water > Culture, Tourism, Sports > Safety, Fire Fighting, Civil Defense > Housing, Urban Planning, Real Estate > Construction > Tax, Finance, Contracts > Planning, Auditing, Education, Information.

• Posting on Seoul City’s and different websites

+ Post Seoul notice, such as bidding, private contracts, and recruitment.
+ Register posts on different websites, such as Sports Facility Management Office and Seoul Parks

• Organization Chart Management
Modify organization information published on the Seoul website such as name, job, phone number and so on.
• Banners, program request
Request production of necessary banners and / or programs from the Seoul website.
• Editing my details on the website
• RSS feed, ATOM publishing, SNS scrap widget, and comments on SNS

Application Example and Operation Outcome

• Increased number of visitors- daily average 200,000 people
Compared to the daily average visitor number of 130,000 as of December 2012, a 1.5 fold increase. Daily average access exceeds 7 million.
• High user satisfaction - 93.3%
In 2012, survey results showed online user satisfaction at 91.4%. An increase of 1.9% is achieved.

Seoul Special Operations Strategy

• Merge of unnecessary websites
From the previous 209 Seoul websites, unnecessary websites from the citizens point of view, were merged. Currently, it is merged to 137 websites, including 110 in Korean and 27 in foreign languages.
• Responsive web implementation
Even when connected via smartphone or tablet PC, the website will respond to the appropriate browser for the equipment.
• Created information with copyright open
By marking CCL(Creative Commons License) to the contents that Seoul has copyright, anyone, can use these information for their own blog or business freely without worrying about copyright. The contents can be reprocessed for more citizens to use, which in turn produces an effect that contributes to the economy by creating a new business model using the information.
• Production of Storytelling Contents
Creation and delivery of fun and dynamic contents in the form of digital story telling.

Major Expectations

• Increased number of visitors to website
• Improvement of accessibility to city held information
• Creation of new business model utilizing the information will help invigorating the economy

Law Provisions

• National Standards (KICS) Korean Type Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (Communication Commission Notice Article 2010-59)
• Seoul City Internet Regulations regarding Operations Enabled on Websites (2009.5.28. Government Amended)
• Seoul City Web Service Policy Guidelines (Information Planning Office-44, 2012. 1)