Business management system, ‘One way’, from business management to electronic approval : Electronic Work System

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Seoul Metropolitan Government
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Background Information and Product Introduction

+ In order to overcome problems derived from the vertical, closed, inefficient characteristics of the approval process by paper documents, the electronic business management system was introduced to thoroughly record the entire approval process in Seoul.
+ The Seoul-type business management system is a user centric system that enhances transparency of policy decision, rational decision making, and complex administration of Seoul
+ By thorough digitization and record of the whole approval process in policy result management, responsibility and transparency is enhanced in the process of decision making, and an open, two-way horizontal decision making structure is derived from the former vertical structure.
+ It enabled the workers in Seoul Metropolitan Government, district offices, and affiliated organizations, integrated work management and document processing. It also made basis for collaboration between organizations through sharing official documents and unofficial knowledge contents.


• My Desk - Users can easily identify jobs to be processed through ‘To Do Count’

• Project Management
Set, register and manage projects as well as related titles, performance management, receipt management, planning management, quality management, public relations management, and organization goals.
• Document Management
Transmission of accounting forms, seal on official documents, and creation/modification/implementation of document management card for document box.
• Memo Report
Brief report, such as urgent or frequent situation report, and collected opinion report, to one’s superior by using memo report.
• Request Management
Conduct agency / department requests in accordance with direct / verbal instructions.
• Meeting Management
Create meeting, introduce meeting agenda and record meeting result.
• Schedule Management
Manage schedules by registering business projects to task cards.

Application Example and Operation Outcome

• Activate use through securing horizontal decision making
Horizontal communication and decision making has become possible through the memo report function, which reduces the existing practice of oral reports. Memo report has become active to exceed monthly use of 33,000 cases. Verification journals that used to be recorded as complex e-document form is changed to simple memo form, and exceeds monthly use of 120,000 cases.
• Improvement of business process speed and transparency
Improve integrated and cumulative management of business process record.
• Improve business efficiency through absorption and integration of affiliated organizations’ electronic document systems.
As affiliated organizations that used to operate separate systems began to use same integrated work management system, previously impossible, approval, cooperation and submission between Seoul and affiliated organizations has since become available and thus increased work efficiency.
• Reduce redundant development and maintenance costs
Since it is not necessary to spend money on maintenance and development of e-document system, districts using the work management system, cost was saved.
• Won domestic and international certification and awards


Seoul City Special Operations Strategy

• Strengthening document (electronic and paper document) security systems and processes
To prevent information leakage and hacking, a security system plan that balances enhanced security and user convenience has been built.
• Information strategy planning in advance
While simultaneously utilizing and complementing the existing system, in order to build the Seoul-type work management system, prior investigation and analysis for the work management system of Seoul Metropolitan Government, 25 district offices, fire and water authorities, was conducted and improvement idea was induced
• Building various connected system link plan and transition plan
In order to connect the administrative information systems, local BRM systems, records management systems and other existing systems, improvements and operational measures have been included in the design


Major Expectations

• Assurance of transparency in government decision making processes through electronic record management.
• Increased availability through efficient record management
• Ease in construction of regional and affiliated organizational collaborative systems
• When used in small primary local governments, development costs are reduced, which has an effect of reducing social cost

Law Provisions

• Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Enforcement Decree of the Management of Archives by Public Agencies Management Articles 19, 25, Law 13
• MOPAS Government Functions, Classification and Management Regulations
(2018.01.28 Presidential Decree 209)
• MOPAS 5 Terms of Office Management Rules and Business Management System
• MOPAS Administrative Agency Business Management System
(Ministry Announcement 2009.08.27.)
• MOPAS Office Administration Regulations
(Presidential Decree 20982, 2008.09.02.)
• MOPAS E-Government Support Project Management Guidelines
(Article 27, Operating Instructions Article 35)
• Administrative Agencies and Electronic Document Distribution Standards
• Administrative Information and Electronic Document Systems Associated Standards
• Administrative Agency Document Protection Interface Standards