Keeping citizens safe "Seoul CCTV : Integrated Control Center"

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Seoul Metropolitan Government
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Background Information and Product Introduction

• Introduced to protect the citizens from various crimes or disasters that can occur anytime, anywhere
• Implemented to correct the difficulties in collecting and using image information in accident and crime investigation, due to the separate CCTV operation of the departments of each district office.
• Installation of CCTV in crime prone and vulnerable areas with a CCTV Integrated Control Center in each district will provide 24/7/365 real-time monitoring.
• The rapid response system has been built to allow departments, such as the fire brigade and police, to use real-time video in the integrated control center in each district to respond to various accidents and incidents.

Function Details

• Identification and collection of various visual information of real-time disaster, catastrophe, and accident

+ Detect typhoon heavy snow / rain and natural disasters
+ Security and surveillance for cracking down on illegal waste dumping
+ Surveillance around child protection zones and elementary schools
+ Surveillance for illegal parking crackdown
+ Monitoring for theft prevention of agricultural products and cultural assets
+ Surveillance for facility management

• Quick response from the relevant department when problems are detected on the visual surveillance
When problems are detected, visual information is shared real time with the 12 districts’ integrated control centers, police stations, and fire stations, enabling a quick response to accidents and crimes
• Visual information stored for 30 days - assistance when securing evidence for the arrest of criminals

Application Example and Operation Outcome

• High CCTV Operation Numbers - 41,391 (as of August 2014)

• High Operation Rate for CCTV Integrated Control Center - Seoul City 24 districts

From 2012~2013, the district CCTV integrated control center has contributed to realtime events / accidents handling and crime prevention, and has expanded from 14 places to 24 places.

• Reduction in CCTV maintenance control costs

By managing CCTVs that had been operated in different departments, in the integrated control center, common use of equipments, better efficiency, and saving maintenance cost is achieved

• Increase in criminal arrest rate

Criminal arrest rate is improved by using the CCTV visual information as evidence in illegal behaviors and crimes

• The integrated control center has seen a significant increase in real-time responses to sites.
- 180% compared to 2013

When a situation is recognized through the integrated control center’s 24 hour real-time monitoring, joint police can be dispatched for onsite handling.


Seoul City Special Operations Strategy

• Building close cooperation between districts, police and fire fighting services

Close cooperation between districts, police and fire fighting services has been established so that when a variety of incidents, including disasters, are detected, they can be responded to immediately. The relevant departments are capable of maintaining a rapid response system to a great variety of incidents and accidents due to the integrated control center’s realtime video surveillance information.

• Support CCTV Integrated Control Center building

The building cost of the CCTV Integrated Control Center of each district is supported, 30% by the central government and 12.5% by Seoul City The building cost of the CCTV Integrated Control Center of each district is supported, 30% by the central government and 12.5% by Seoul City

• Specialized training for personnel to enhance CCTV control capabilities

Since 2012, with the cooperation of the Seoul Metropolitan Police agency, training has been provided once a year to improve the CCTV control agents’ monitoring capabilities. Training focuses on tricks, emergency measures and personal video privacy regulations.

• CCTV Inspection Management Practices

In order to strengthen and enhance control capabilities of the CCTV Integrated Control Center and personal information security, each district carries out an annual integrated control center management check.

Major Expectations

• Advanced disaster and accident prevention ensuring citizen safety and reducing social costs

• Potential for reduction in future recurrence of crime and illegal acts through legal correspondence

• Reduction in operating costs of CCTV and increase in operational efficiency.

By integrated control of CCTV, that were previously operated separately by departments and purpose, operational efficiency has increased. This increase may also reduce the management cost of CCTV maintenance.

Law Provisions

• Personal Information Protection Act Article 25 and Enforcement Decree articles 3 and 22 through 27
• Construction of Municipality Video Information Processing Devices for Integrated Control Center and Operating Rules (Safety administration/2013.04)
• Public Institutions Video Information Processing Devices Installation and Operation Guidelines (Safety Administration/2013.03)
• Seoul Image Information Processing Devices Installation and Operation Guidelines (2013.03) and Technical Standards Advisory(internal) (2014.02)