• Site Name: Seoul Traffic Information Center (TOPIS) enen
  • Establishment Year: 2004
  • Location: Government building 3 basement floors, the fifth floor Jongno Fire
  • Site Scale: Government building (450 ㎡) Jongno Fire (1,393 ㎡)
  • Organization : Urban Transportation Division (Traffic Information Centre)


  • The maximization of road traffic volume efficiency and the optimization of allocated intelligent transportation system chamber construction, which is a combination of transportation technology and state-of-the-art IT.
  • The guidance of real-time traffic information and bus fleet management, activation of public transportation use, and the promotion of a convenient public transportation system.
  • The delivery of penalties and the levy of fines imposed by an unmanned surveillance system to traffic law violators
  • The promotion of traffic-related technological developments regarding the traffic industry such as private opening of public transportation information.


Main Control Room 

  • Detection of unexpected circumstances monitoring real-time traffic conditions utilizing a 72in dashboard display and 817 CCTV units.
  • 89 works simultaneously in preparation for any traffic situation including condition management, disaster relieve and Chungmugong concurrency management

Multi Room 

  • Structured for briefings and video conferences in the event of an emergency
  • Daily meetings related to education and external personnel systems such as foreign public officials
  • Large and well-equipped education facility to accommodate many different events, operating 150-inch dashboard display and seating for up to 70 people

Conference Room 

  • Display room of the various stages in advanced traffic overseas export history and traffic history of Seoul (1960-present)
  • Exhibition of advanced bus transportation information and guidance machines such as (BIT)
  • Restroom and space of foreign public officials


  • Anywhere and at anytime, real-time traffic information can be used to construct the traffic environment with difficulties, utilizing the intelligent transportation system
  • Performing the role of traffic assistant to Seoul citizens while at the same time promoting transport links
  • Asia’s first intelligent traffic award winner
  • Growth in the center of intelligent transportation development and the transportation system model
  • Intelligent Transport overseas exports assistance of the private sector such as strengthening cooperation with overseas cities.

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