[Notice] Seoul holds the Asian Cities Bicycle Forum (ACBF) 2016

Date 2016-09-12 Writer scaadmin
Bicycles are the most environment-friendly and people-friendly means of transportation invented by humanity, and they were mostly ignored after the industrial development period in preference of automobiles.
Nowadays, riding a bike is a sustainable means of transportation that can help to improve the urban environment and protect citizen’s health. UITP and our member, Seoul Metropolitan Government, truly believe that it is a crucial time for Asian cities to share their hands-on experiences and best practices, and cooperate on developing advanced policies that can parallel those of leading bicycle cities in Europe. Thus, city of Seoul wishes to invite leading bicycle cities in the Asia-Pacific region to Asian Cities Bicycle Forum (ACBF) 2016, will be held in Seoul on September 26.
The ACBF will serve as an opportunity to look at the role of bicycle as an environment-friendly means of transportation and find a solution to numerous urban challenges we face today. ​​In addition, it will bring together global leaders to discuss bicycle-related policies and advanced cases. Ultimately, the forum will establish a feasible foundation for forthcoming annual forums to facilitate the continuous exchanges of bicycle policies.
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