Seoul’s 50 major attractions at a glance

Date 2022-09-05 Writer seoulsolution
The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is releasing its newly developed urban data service that provides real-time data on 50 major attractions at a glance, such as tourist destinations, parks, and major commercial areas, via Seoul Open Data Plaza.

This new service integrates urban data to provide a wide range of real-time data, including visitor congestion, public transportation status (i.e. bus/subway arrivals, Ttareungi bikes), parking spots (limited to some parking lots), traffic situations, and weather.

This is the world’s first attempt to combine public and private real-time data by integrating real-time public data (traffic/environment-related) from the city and real-time population data (telecommunication operation) from KT.

Moreover, the city will release this service as an open API so that citizens and tourists can access the real-time data as well as for private companies and developers to use it to create new services.

Seoul plans to upgrade this service by acquiring more real-time data through collaboration with public institutions and the private sector, prioritizing real-time data on public transportation passenger congestion as well as visitor capacity of performance and cultural facilities, such as sports stadiums, cultural heritage sites, and parks.