The Seoul Institute celebrates thirty years of research on public infrastructure

Date 2022-08-30 Writer seoulsolution

The Seoul Institute held the second session of its commemorative seminar “Thirty Years of the Seoul Institute, Discovering Values Together” in the conference room at 2 PM on Thu, Aug. 25.

Following the welcome speech, the seminar covered presentations in three areas—transportation, safety/environment, and urban planning/housing—exploring the Seoul Institute’s thirty years of research on public infrastructure for a sustainable Seoul as well as for urban spaces of the future.

The speakers presented not only on the Seoul Institute’s major cases of research by period, such as the enhancement of methods for urban planning and management as well as the concept of a future city reflecting the rapidly changing social and economic conditions, which correspond to the changes in spatial demand in the era of the great transition, but also suggested future research directions such as field-based research that can be implemented to respond to complex and diverse urban spatial issues.

The seminar was followed by a panel discussion comprising past researchers of the Seoul Institute, discussing the Seoul Institute’s role and direction of research ahead through various opinions.

This thirtieth-anniversary seminar session served as an opportune venue for participants to explore the various research conducted to diversify Seoul’s infrastructure, such as transportation facilities and housing, and to discover ways to preemptively respond to the future based on the Seoul Institute’s research.