Korea’s first-ever accessible autonomous vehicles in Sangam-dong

Date 2022-07-25 Writer seoulsolution
The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will increase the number of its fleet of pay-to-ride autonomous vehicles in the autonomous vehicle testbed ground of Sangam-dong from the current four to a total of seven, and start full-scale operation starting on Thu, Jul. 21.

The city is rolling out additional autonomous driving services from autonomous buses to autonomous vehicles that can be used by wheelchair-bound passengers.

The city is also planning to establish new routes that stop by subway stations (e.g. World Cup Stadium Station) and urban green spaces (e.g. Haneul Park, Noeul Park) to provide passengers with opportunities to ride in autonomous vehicles as a mode of transport on their way to the subway for commute or park for leisure. This new route is scheduled for daily operation, including weekends for park visitors.

The city is the first in the country to roll out an accessible autonomous vehicle that can be used by wheelchair-bound passengers, which will be added to the Sangam A02 route starting from Digital Media City Station and stopping by Nuritkum Square, DMC Hi-Tech Industry Center, and other landmarks. As part of the city’s accessible transportation policy, this service operation will promote as well as improve the mobility of those with reduced mobility.

Riders are charged a fare of KRW 1,200 per person for autonomous buses, and KRW 2,000 per ride for all autonomous vehicles, including wheelchair-accessible autonomous vehicles, regardless of the number of passengers.

This transport service is available by downloading the smartphone app “TAP!” from Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS, and registering the user’s method of payment (i.e. card).

Seoul plans to continue to expand its fleet of autonomous vehicles in operation and establish autonomous vehicles as a regular mode of transport that operates seamlessly throughout Sangam-dong.