Free drinking water with the “Oasis Seoul” project

Date 2022-07-20 Writer seoulsolution

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is initiating its “Oasis Seoul” project wherein participating stores (i.e. cafes, restaurants) provide visitors with free drinking water if they bring their own cup (e.g. personal water bottle) no matter if they are not paying patrons.

The city envisioned this project as a precautionary measure against heat waves to prevent heat-related diseases of citizens, tourists, couriers, drivers, and other outdoor workers, as well as to reduce single-use plastics by encouraging the use of personal reusable water bottles.

Citizens can bring their personal water bottles to any business establishment with the “Oasis Seoul” sticker to receive free drinking water. A total of 1,017 stores, including cafes and restaurants, are participating in this project, and you can check their locations via Smart Seoul Map (