Citywide expansion of integrated multicultural childcare centers

Date 2022-06-13 Writer seoulsolution
The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has newly designated 34 integrated multicultural childcare centers this June, and will support a total of 120 this year.

The city is designating childcare centers with high performance in childcare for multicultural children as integrated multicultural childcare centers as well as providing support for operating and equipment expenses to provide quality childcare service for vulnerable classes that are socio-economically disadvantaged (i.e. multicultural families).

The city is operating various educational programs at these integrated multicultural childcare centers so that children can be exposed to multiculturalism to alleviate social marginalization while promoting social acceptance.

The city is planning to actively link integrated multicultural childcare centers with 25 district-run multicultural family centers and operate various multicultural family support programs starting this year, expecting to contribute to the convenience of multicultural families who face many difficulties, such as a language barrier, when communicating with childcare centers.

As part of the Mid to Long-Term Childcare Master Plan announced by Mayor Oh Se-hoon last December 14, Seoul’s integrated multicultural childcare center support project will designate additional centers every year to assist not just multicultural families, but also foreign nationals and North Korea defectors who are socio-economically disadvantaged.