Easy-to-recycle tethered bottle caps for Arisu bottled water

Date 2022-06-17 Writer seoulsolution
The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has revamped the design and packaging of its Arisu bottled water, which is stockpiled and supplied by the city in case of water shortages and natural disasters, by introducing easy-to-recycle tethered bottle caps and eco-friendly laser marking to increase the convenience of separating and disposing bottles.

The advantage of the newly designed eco-friendly bottle caps on Arisu water bottles is that they are tethered so that caps can be disposed either together on or separately off the bottles, which is expected to maximize the recycling rate.

Moreover, the water bottles apply eco-friendly laser marking the (i.e. best by/mfg. date) without using ink, which will enhance the quality of its recycled raw materials as no dye is used for the caps.

This is another eco-friendly effort to maximize the convenience of recycling PET bottles following the release of label-free Arisu bottled water two year ago back in May 2020. This new tethered bottle cap design will be applied to all Arisu bottles starting in June.

The newly designed tethered bottle caps can be reused repeatedly as they remain attached to the bottle once they are opened and can be removed from the bottle in its entirety just by pulling.

This will reduce the rate of loose caps being sorted as general waste during the process of separating and collecting PET bottles, and increase the rate of recycling as quality raw materials by just closing the cap on bottles.

Seoul recommends that citizens properly recycle the new Arisu bottled water in the same method as any other PET bottle by cleaning out the contents, reducing the size, and closing the cap.

Attachment 1 Eco-friendly Arisu water bottles and tethered caps