[Notice] SMG holds Cities Against COVID-19 Global Summit 2020

Date 2020-05-26 Writer seoulsolution


 ○ Title: Cities Against COVID-19 Global Summit 2020
 ○ Theme: Cooperation and Solidarity between Municipal Governments in Response to COVID-19
    - 15 sessions, including the Municipal Government Mayors’ Meeting
 ○ Period: June 1-5, 2020
 ○ Venue: 8F, Multipurpose Hall, Seoul City Hall (installation of Video Meeting Studio)
 ○ Participants: Seoul Metropolitan Government, related officials and experts from cities overseas, academic and disinfection businesses, etc.
 ○ Operational Method: Crowd-free video conferencing / global broadcasting in connection with YouTube and international broadcasters
    - Operation: Operation as an international video conference with 1 hour and 30 minutes per field, simultaneous interpretation
    - Safety Management: Filming studio on 1F / news collection on 2F (separated space and flow of movement)
    - Presentation: Pre-recorded greetings from overseas, or local broadcasts in real time (Korean-English subtitles)

○ Live Streaming
   - Official Website of CAC Global Summit 2020:
   - Official Youtube of the Seoul Metroplitan Government:
   - Official Facebook Page of the Seoul Metroplitan Government:

 Key Visuals for Event (Representative Slogan: “Together We Stand”)