Seoul invites Chinese investors to attract investment for companies in Seoul

Date 2019-08-07 Writer seoulsolution

Seoul invites Chinese investors to attract investment for companies in Seoul


Seoul City will be hosting the China Investment Week event in October 2019, with the participation of Chinese investors. The event aims to support competitive start-ups and SMEs located in Seoul attract investments from Chinese investors and prepare for entering the Chinese market in the future.

Holding the 4th anniversary, the China Investment Week is a project run by Seoul City to match Seoul’s companies with investors from China, promoting investments in the companies and supporting their entrance into the Chinese market. From 2016 to 2018, a total of 13 MOU agreements between companies in Seoul and Chinese investors were signed to promise investments.

This year, the China Investment Week is set to take place in Seoul. Seoul City is recruiting 20 companies to participate in the event that will be held for two days from October 17 to 18 at The Westin Chosun Seoul, and application will be accepted until July 16, 2019.

Start-ups and SMEs located in Seoul that are related to ICT/SW, IoT, energy, content convergence, and platform are eligible for application, as well as those related to an industry with high growth potential and contribution to economic growth, an industry that can play a pivotal role in local innovation, and a location-specific industry focusing on technology and knowledge.

To apply to participate in the event, send the application form to Prain Global, a recruitment agency, at, or visit

Seoul invites Chinese investors to attract investment for companies in Seoul

Two rounds of objective and fair screening will be conducted for the selection of participating companies and those who pass the final screening will be announced on the official website of Seoul City on July 22. Seoul City will actively support foreign investment attraction for competitive companies in Seoul by selecting participating companies to reflect the investment demand of Chinese investors and finding investors who would be interested in the selected companies.

Seoul City will provide the selected participating companies with professional consulting services, including systematic one-to-one consultation and investment proposal writing, for three months from July to October by employing an expert consulting company, aspiring to lead to investment attractions during China Investment Week in October 2019.

In October, more than 20 Chinese investing institutions that will have expressed their intention to invest will be invited to Seoul Investment Briefing, Demo Day for Participating Companies, and one-to-one investment consulting session between participating companies and investors.

What is remarkable in this year’s invitation plan is the fact that Chinese accelerators in the field of innovative technology start-ups, as well as online and offline media corporations, are included in the list of invitation. Seoul City is expected to see the start-ups and SMEs located in Seoul collaborate not only with Chinese investors but also with accelerators to create opportunities to join the Chinese market.

In addition, Seoul City will expand the contact surface between the companies operating in Seoul and Chinese investors by providing Chinese investors with Fam Tour, where they can be introduced to Seoul’s new growth industry clusters such as Seoul Startup Hub and Seoul Bio Hub, which Seoul has been focusing its efforts to develop this year.