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[Uzbekistan_The Tashkent Times] Seoul to help Tashkent implement Digital Mayor's Office

Date 2018-01-24 Writer ssunha

Seoul to help Tashkent implement Digital Mayor's Office

2018-01-18 07:03:01

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The delegation of the Seoul mayor’s office will assist the Tashkent city mayor’s office to implement the Digital Office system, to improve public services, and create Seoul street in the capital of Uzbekistan,  this was mentioned during the system’s presentation at the city administration yesterday.

Technical experts of the delegation will from January 16-23study the facilities on the ground, conduct preliminary studies to assess the scope of work, and get acquainted with the work and structure of the Tashkent mayor’s office, the Public Services Agency, the Utilities Services Department, People's Reception and the IT-system of the Tashkent police department.

The head of the delegation, the head of the of international relations department Paek Jeong Moon, said that the Seoul mayor information center can monitor all the processes in the city, receive information on utilities, infrastructure facilities and security.

"In real time, the mayor receives information about what is happening in the city. Such an information system could help the Tashkent mayor to manage the city more effectively, optimize and improve receiving and processing of complaints and appeals from the population," he said.

According to him, Seoul once started developing this system from scratch; learning from mistakes, it has become one of the world's best e-governance systems." Seoul and Tashkent have been sister cities for 15 years. We hope that we will be able to transfer our experience to our colleagues from the Tashkent mayor’s office," said Park Jeong Moon.