[SI Report] The Seoul Institute Research Abstracts 2016_Chang Yi (2016)

Date 2017-08-17 Writer ssunha

The Seoul Institute Research Abstracts 2016

Urban Planning

  • Background
  • A Study on Rezoning Urban Centers by the 2030 Seoul Plan
  • A Planning Monitoring Study on the Community Plan of Seou
  • A Study on the Changing Housing Market and Policy Implications in Seoul
  • A Study of the Seoul Residential Environment Management Projects for Sustainable Management of Low-Rise Residential Areas
  • Understanding Urban Planning in the City of Pyongyang

Transportation Planning

  • Background
  • Analysis of Seoul Citizen’s Vehicle Ownership and User Characteristics
  • Seoul Subway Congestion Costs and Policy Implications
  • Strategies for Improving the Quasi-Public Bus Operating System of the Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • Improvements of Travel Survey and Statistical Indicators for Walk Trips
  • Traffic Operation Strategy to Improve Pedestrian Safety at Signalized Intersections
  • Establishment of an Annual Reporting Framework for Seoul Transport Complaints
  • Role of Transportation Planning for Urban Regeneration Projects in Seoul
  • The Road Subsidence Conditions and Safety Improvement Plans in Seoul
  • Strategic Plan for Developing Da Nang Metropolitan Region

Environmental Planning

  • Background
  • Environmentally Friendly Urban Management Using Biotope Map
  • A Study on Functional Improvement and Management for Streamlets in Seoul
  • A Study on the Plans to Establish Standards for Setting Priorities of Compensation for Unexecuted Urban Planning Facilities Infrastructure in Green Tract of Land
  • Policy Options to Manage High-pollution On-road Diesel Vehicles Based on Excessive Emission Grades in Seoul
  • A Study on the Utilization of Emergency Generators as a Backup Power System

Urban Administration

  • Background
  • A Study about the Promotion Strategies of the Decentralization Agendas of the Seoul Declaration
  • Study on the Estimation Method for the Subsidy Rate for National Subsidies in Social Welfare
  • A Study on Defining and Allocating the Safety Budget in Seoul
  • Searching for the Way to Establish the ‘Seoul-type Governance’

The Economy

  • Background
  • Research on Consumer Survey Index in Seoul
  • Current State and Future Outlook of Geographical Concentrations of Small-sized Manufacturing Enterprises in Seoul
  • A Study on Supporting the Living Goods Industry in Seoul, South Korea
  • Analysis of the Food Service Sector in Seoul
  • An Analysis about the Effects of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Procurement Policy for the Socially Disadvantaged Business
  • Characteristics and Prospects of South Korea’s Inbound Tourism Markets

Social Policy

  • Background
  • From Local Government to Citizen Initiative: A Search for Seoul’s Model of Self-Governance
  • A Study on Characteristics and Regional Distribution of Seoul’s Cultural Resources
  • A Study on the Support for Promoting the Youth Activities in Seoul
  • A Study on Strategic Labour Policies of Seoul
  • A Study on the Strategy of Labour Policy in Seoul
  • A Study on the Operation and Roles of Labor Welfare Organizations in Seoul
  • A Policy for Spread of Living Wage in Private Sectors