Abramos, recopilemos y compartamos los datos públicos de Seúl: Plaza de Datos Abiertos de Seúl

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Seoul Metropolitan Government
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Background Information and Product Introduction

+ By opening and thus making it easier for anyone to use public data, public interest, efficiency, and transparency is enhanced, and a basis for making a new economic value was built.
+ A website made to provide the public with raw data held by Seoul’s open data plaza. Begun in May 2012, the service provides more than 2,600 types of service, 1,500 datasets from 10 different fields that include traffic, environment, and city management.
+ All data in Seoul, except private data, is to be made free and open as a rule. There are 150 systems with topics classified into 10 different services.


• Seoul Open Data Plaza Portal Site

• Seoul Open Data Plaza Linked Open Data (Beta)

+ Website address - lod.seoul.go.kr
+ Linked Open Data demo service, focusing on cultural facilities and cultural assets, was built to test the application and sharing of public data. By refining and structuring Seoul’s open data and external data, and by defining the semantic relations between data, data can be linked and searched with expandability in a web environment



• Dataset provision
Dataset can be provided by service type, such as SHEET, CHART, MAP, FILE, LINK, and Open API, or by 10 classification system, such as general administration, cultural tourism, health, and environment, or by 14 data providers, such as Seoul Metropolitan Government, and Seoul Metro.
• Open API Provision
Open API can be provided by 10 classification systems, such as general administration, cultural tourism, health, and environment, or by 14 data providers, such as Seoul Metropolitan Government, and Seoul Metro.
• Catalogue Service Provision
In addition to Seoul’s 14 providers, API service list of shared resource portal of MOSPA, and data held by private organizations and individuals will be provided.

• Utilization Gallery
Able to register and search services such as apps developed using public data, websites, and infographic
• Open Data Request
Able to request opening of closed public data

Application Example and Operation Outcome

• High amount of use - total of 947 million cases, daily average of 53,000 cases (as of Aug 2013)

• Occurrence of citizen collaboration using various public data
Seoul Open API improvements are performed along with the activation of open public data and civilian volunteers’ ‘Code Tree’ team for settlement. Also, through the utilization of Seoul’s child care-related data, the open community citizen group on Facebook ‘Open Wide Public Data’, have created the ‘Our Local Nursery’ app. Citizen use of public data performs a large role of collaborative practices with open data and the awareness and spread of public data.
• Launching of various citizen convenience services developed directly by citizens
Smart subway app, Seoul public parking inquiry app, bicycle storage app, Seoul public data gathering app, Seoul night library information guide app, Seoul cultural assets app.
• Outstanding organization for opening public information and information contest award

+ Received grand prize for ‘Smart and Open Government 2012’ in outstanding organization for opening public information sector, organized by MOSPA
+ Awarded Excellence Award in the ‘2012 Public Information Grand Prize Competition’, co-hosted by MOSPA and ET News


Seoul Special Operations Strategy

• Established Public Data classification system and developed public data
To effectively utilize and navigate the public data, classification systems that are intuitive and easy to understand have been established. The 10 sectors of traffic, safety, environment, general administration, urban management, health, welfare, industry and economy, cultural tourism, and education, have been further divided into 49 sub-categories. After this, in order to identify the use of this high quality public data, more than 150 systems have been selected after determining the correspondence of system and data.
• Public data demand investigative analysis and discovery
Conducted survey of Seoul public data consumers and providers by expert groups. Also, analysis of the demand for SNS through Tweeted keywords related to Seoul public data was conducted.
• Data Quality Management
Through the use of profiling techniques that use data quality management solutions (DQ), quality of public data, that is open to public, is measured and the result is analyzed so that the data errors are modified and supplemented by the corresponding department staff.

• Active comments from citizens and developers
Various opinion collection functions to communicate with citizens, such as SNS multi-channel communication, idea suggestion, and developers’ community, is being operated. The public data portal operated by the government, Seoul information communication plaza, and developer community links, can be commented in the Seoul open data plaza comment window.
URL : data.seoul.go.kr/openinf/board/community.jsp
• Support for public data related activities
Each year, Seoul is sponsoring activities of open communities for opening of public data, for example ‘Seoul Smart App Competition’ and the ‘2014 International Open Data Day’. Events such as various app contests related with data opening are continuously held.

Major Expectations

• Creating economic value through the application of public data - activation of related industries
• Enabling paradigm shift to open government and e-government.
• Providing high quality public administration service through utilization and analysis of public data

Law Provisions

• Act on Promotion of the Provision and Use of Public Data Established (2013.6.31.) and Enforcement (2013.10.31.)