The History of Seoul

A Center of Asia, Seoul Metropolitan

Seoul has established the most rapid development in world history.
In the process, as Seoul has been established not only economic growth but also qualitative growth, we could gain diverse urban development experience and technical know-hows.


Seoul's a historic graph on growth development stages

seoul historic development graph

Urban foundation (1960 ~ 1980)

Seoul Built urban infrastructure according to population increase.
Seoul focused financial plan, water management, and stream and river reformation

  • Main Urban Development Plans : Gangnam development plan(1970), Yeouido development plan (1971)
  • Main projects : Cheonggyecheon covering(1966), Cheonggye Expressway construction(1967),
    Han River Bridges (Yanghwa: 1966, Hannam: 1969), West disposal plant(1972), Subway line 1(1974)

Growing City (1980~2000)

Seoul prepared infrastructure for expected population and improved downtown environment on the foundation.

  • Main Urban Development Plans : Han river comprehensive development projects(1982), Development of Apartment complexes, Han river sewage management(1987), 180 thousands residence construction(1989)
  • Main projects : Subway line 2, 3, 4 (1984 ~ 1985), separate garbage collection(1992), Bus card (1996)

Smart & Sustainable City (2000 ~ present)

Transfer to software-centered policy from hardware-centered policy.



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